Luke is making a difference with Ramp Up

Luke Rand’s business Ramp Up is partnered with Who Gives a Crap toilet paper, selling and delivering the product to buyers all around Tasmania. Part of the proceeds is given to support the Salvation Army and a number of other community organisations and initiatives. What started as a school math project has become a way for Luke to have meaningful employment on two days every week.

With his first ever earnings in 2018, Luke was able to sponsor the installation of a wheelchair ramp at his high school, and he has since gone on to support many other causes. Ramp Up has saved nearly one hundred trees and it has contributed to purchasing care packs for Tasmanians experiencing homelessness.

Luke is also a participant with Community Access programs at Langford, getting support to engage with a variety of social activities.

Buying from Ramp Up is a great way to help support both Tasmanian not-for-profits and global environmental initiatives, simply by changing the brand of toilet paper you use.

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